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Everyone who travels for photography has experienced the same frustration as your tour group hits the scenic vistas at the busiest and brightest part of the day. Then to make matters worse, your guide only allows you a short time to see (and photograph) the location before needing to continue with the itinerary - and keep the non-photographers from getting bored.

A Remember Forever Photography Expedition removes those challenges, will take you to the most scenic and photogenic parts of the world and teaches you how to capture those perfect, pristine images that highlight the beauty that is travel photography.

Expeditions run frequently, with limited spaces available.

2017 is shaping up to be an AMAZING year of travel photography for Remember Forever customers and members. Expeditions will be added as they become available, so stay tuned for more exciting destinations or ensure you sign up for our newsletter in order to be the first informed when a new expedition becomes available!

With so many companies now in the photographic travel marketplace, it's important to look at some key elements when deciding who to travel with, and ask your photographic tour company some vital questions.

Q: Is your tour leader a Professional Travel Photographer?
A: Remember Forever's Tour Leader is Luke Ballard. Luke is the founder of Remember Forever, an award winning travel photographer and literally wrote the book on travel photography - teaching and lecturing in Travel Photography around the world. Depending on the tour size, Luke will be accompanied on the tour by an experienced Remember Forever instructor from one of our many cities.

Q: Has your Tour Leader/Photographer been to this destination?
A: Many photographers running tours are doing so to supplement/pay for a holiday that they want to take. At Remember Forever, all our destinations are thoroughly researched and when we are ready to assemble a tour, Luke travels to the destinations to practise the tour, photograph the highlights we visit as well as meet and get to know the companies we work with on the ground, and our local guides - and also visit a number of hotels in order to select the best accommodation for our customers.

Q: Are you affiliated with a registered and insured travel agency for the purposes of running your expeditions?
A: Remember Forever are affiliated with several travel agencies for handling your booking. They handle your travel planning, we help you with your photography. All travel agents affiliated with Remember Forever World Expeditions are insured, licensed and incredibly experienced.

You can rest assured Remember Forever work with the best ground operators in each destination and your tour leader is a professional travel photographer, who knows the destinations and how to photograph them - and has relationships on the ground in each country to ensure that your Photographic World Expedition is definitely the trip of a lifetime!

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