Everyone is a Photographer

A simple and step-by-step guide to taking better photographs with any camera.

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Remember Forever's Founder and CEO, Luke Ballard, has simplified photography in this easy to follow guide on how to photograph anything - from portraits to landscapes, events to animals.

A phone in the pocket and the availability of high end cameras to consumers means everyone has the opportunity to "be a photographer." Having a camera doesn't make a photographer any more than having a car makes someone a chauffeur. This book provides simple and easy to follow instructions on taking better photographs whether from a D-SLR or a compact camera or even a smart phone.

From turning on your camera, to photographing your family, professional portraits and weddings, sports and animals as well as a masterclass on landscape photography, Phi and Composition, concerts and fireworks, this book provides step-by-step instructions on improving your photography.

As one reader reviewed:

I have just finished reading this book and found it a refreshing read, especially when compared with other books of this genre which can be very "dry" to read. It is easy and entertaining and "to the point" without skimping on key techniques. There were concepts I'd read in other books which I only "got" when I read this book. Don't mistake "simple" in the title for basic. It goes well beyond basic photography skills and concepts. The "simple" stems from the format and style Luke uses to engage readers. A great book to keep as a reference for the evolving photographer!

This book is for sale as an e-book through Amazon in the USA for $9.99 and Australia for $11.99.

This week you can purchase the e-book directly through Remember Forever for $6.99 USA and $8.99 in Australia.


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