Dec 17

How to pick a wedding photographer

I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years. I started as an assistant for a wedding photographer in the 90s, holding up the reflector, reloading film into cameras (wow, this was pre-digital) and loving every minute of it.When planning our wedding one of the first things we start booking is our wedding photographer. There are so many of us and the photos are so amazing, how are we expected to decide? Who do we pick?


As well as being a photography company, we teach photography (including weddings) around the world and I wanted to share my check list for you to follow.

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Oct 10

How to Post-Process Milky Way Photography

Every now and again, we see some amazing photographs of the night sky. Stars and nebulas, and the Milky Way all bright and colourful in the sky, in picture-perfect focus and vibrancy. A large part of getting these images comes from taking the photograph properly, as we do on our Astrophotography campouts. The rest of it, about 10%, comes from a bit of post-processing.

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Mar 3

Community Responsibility - India

Between March 15 and 25, Remember Forever are sending a photography expedition to India, including Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. While in Jaipur, our customers will have the optional experience of visiting Mother Teresa Home, a local branch of the famous mission in Calcutta. This is a mission that has become close to our hearts at Remember Forever. On our last trip to India in 2015, Remember Forever's Luke Ballard visited the mission and was overwhelmed by the sadness, poverty and illness he encountered. He donated all the rupees he had on him and vowed to do more.

In March, he intends to take donations of cash, but more importantly much needed supplies in the form of water purifiers, medicines, blankets and linen, clothing and food to the mission.

What can I do?

Donating is easy. Donations made via this link will be 100% provided to Mother Teresa House. There will be no administrative fees or handling charges - at the end of the day, we're not a professional charity organisation with administration costs. We're a photography company. We get paid for photos, classes and tours - not providing much needed support to a very worthwhile charity in need. Your gifts and donations will be used to save lives, restore health, feed the hungry, heal the sick and clothe the poor.

There is no special offer or service we are giving in return. This is about doing some good and providing some assistance in the world. We would love and appreciate any support you can assist with.




Dec 29

How to Photograph Fireworks

Do you remember that feeling when you were a child and fireworks started bursting in the sky? As a photographer, I think I have that same child-like joy reaction—because I know I am going to get some amazing photographs. Since Fourth of July is right around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my habits, tips and processes when shooting fireworks. Most people try to capture a few pretty fireworks shots when they shoot. I aim for about 50.

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May 23

RAW Processing v Photoshop Manipulation

I read a blog recently discussing the value of utilizing Photoshop in your photography. The author of the blog seemed to come down firmly on the fence saying that he felt it added to photos in ways we couldn’t replicate in camera, that he used it sometimes, but he firmly believed “as an old fashioned purist” it camera only should only be used 90% of the time.

To begin, I’d like to begin with pointing out the difference between ‘photoshopping’ a photograph and processing a RAW file. I’m guessing from the way the author wrote that they have never seen the inside of a darkroom.

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