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Whether your question relates to a workshop, expedition, photoshoot or event, we may have already been asked that question in the past. Check out our helpful Question and Answer area below.

If your question isn't there, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can provide you with an answer and also update this FAQ page!

  • Do I need to bring a camera for my workshop or tour? +

    Yes. It is far better to learn on your own equipment rather than something we provide that won't be the same as the next camera you pick up or purchase. If you do not own a camera then we are able to assist you with renting one for your course or tour.
  • Why are all the photography workshops outside? +

    At Remember Forever, we know that 90% of our customers don't have regular access to a studio or professional lighting equipment. It is important for us that you can replicate what you learn anytime - whether in your own home or yard, on the street or when you travel. Sure, we could run all our courses in the comfort of an indoor classroom environment but they won't be as interactive, you'll not always have access to the equipment being used to demonstrate or practice principles and they might even need to be more expensive. Having said that, from time to time we run a STUDIO LIGHTING MASTERCLASS which is indoors and using all that fun stuff.
  • What happens if it's raining or snowing? +

    Unless the Gods have opened the heavens and are treating us to a storm that we deem dangerous, the chances are we're still going to try and run our workshops. Please remember that there are so many awesome photographic opportunities with storms, lightning, puddles, dark skies ... we hate missing out on those. Also, if you travel to Ireland and want to wait for a sunny day before venturing out, you might spend your entire trip in the hotel room. It's good to learn how to deal with weather, whatever occurs.
  • Can my husband/wife/partner/friend/random stranger from the bus stop come with me to help me with my camera bag? +

    They can, but we would need to have them registered as a paid participant in the workshop. For insurance purposes, everyone who is with us in the group does need to be registered.Our registration process is based on people and not cameras. If you strongly feel an exception should be made (for example a carer) then please contact our reservations department and we will be happy to discuss this with you.
  • I have a gift voucher for two workshops and when I try to check out, it is still charging me for one of them? +

    Unfortunately the way our system is set up, it only allows you to redeem a gift voucher once per visit. If you complete your first registration, check out and then repeat the process, it will allow the gift voucher to be used again. Our gift vouchers are designed on a number of uses, not a value system.
  • Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? +

    Everyone dismisses Batman because he doesn't have superpowers and is (when you boil it all down) just a really clever man who goes to the gym a lot. Batman would still win though. He's a badass who knows how to exploit any weakness and he probably already carries kryptonite around in a lead case on his Bat Utility Belt. Unless we're talking about Ben Affleck who is playing Batman in the near future. I think he'd get his butt kicked.
  • Do I really need a tripod for night photography? +

    That depends on how good you would like your photographs to turn out. Without a tripod, you are limiting yourself greatly and your photos won't be as good as everyone else's. Our instructors are lovely and will try and share their tripod with you, but please keep in mind they need to be taking photos as well. Tripods can be relatively inexpensive. You can buy cheaper models from $15-$20 that will be serviceable and if you discover a passion for night photography with us then you can definitely upgrade anytime you wish.
  • Why is there a $15 administration fee for changing a booking? +

    Most businesses in the tourism, education and hospitality industries do charge a change or cancellation fee and Remember Forever is the same in this instance. Let's say that you are booked for a workshop on Saturday and on Friday night (or even Saturday morning) you decide you're not coming. If you're the only person registered, chances are we're still running the course and then we've already committed our photographer to running that course. While $15 doesn't cover the wages we'd be paying that photographer, it does offset it a little bit. As does the $15 administration fee if you changed a week out. The administration fee is unfortunately part of Remember Forever being able to remain in business and keep our retail price for workshops and tours competitive.
  • Do I need to take notes at a workshop? +

    You are welcome to, however we are going to send you a workbook covering everything we've talked about a few days after your course. If you still have questions following receiving that, feel free to get in touch with us.
  • Will I have time to ask my instructor questions while on the workshop? +

    Yes, to an extent. Please keep in mind that 3 hours (2 hours in some workshops) is not a lot of time to share the wealth of all our knowledge. If the workshop is People, Children and Family and you want to ask questions about photographing landscapes, then we will politely point you in the direction of that workshop.
  • Does chocolate milk really come from brown cows? +

    Yes it does. Also, honey smoked bacon comes from when a bee stings a pig.
  • If I can't make up my mind on what courses to do, what would you suggest? +

    Do them all! At Remember Forever we offer a Diamond Membership option which allows you to undertake as many courses as you like, as often as you like for 12 months.
  • Do you prefer Canon or Nikon? Or Sony? Or ... or ... there are SO MANY CAMERAS!! +

    The consumer electronics industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. New camera models and varieties are appearing on the shelves every week and it is hard to keep up with them all. We are a big believer in finding a model you are comfortable with and growing with it. For example, Luke (CEO) is a Canon user and has been for many years. Matt (Boston) is a Nikon user and would never consider changing. We don't recommend any particular make or model of camera though our photographers all have their personal preferences.
  • With SO MANY CAMERAS!! how is it that you are able to teach me how to use my brand new model, straight off the shelf? +

    Good question. Fortunately, the camera manufacturers aren't completely devoid of intelligence and keep the functionality of their systems pretty similar as they release new models. Because our instructors have had experience with the camera make before, new models are very easy for us to figure out and teach you.
  • Can I do your workshops with a Film Camera? +

    Absolutely you can, however please keep in mind that as we are unable to process and develop film in the middle of the workshop, you're probably not going to get the critique or comments from your instructor that will help you grow as a photographer.
  • What do you do if you're falling off a cliff? +

    Keep in mind that you probably don't have time to adjust your settings in MANUAL mode at this point, so as quick as you can, switch to AV mode on your camera, dial it to F8 and just go at it. A lot of people think that screaming for help is the best option at this point but I really don't know whether or not help would get there in time. I think not. You may as well go out taking a photograph.
  • Whereabouts is my photography course? +

    That depends on what city you are in and also what course you're doing. Your confirmation email will provide all of that information. If you're still unsure after receiving that email, please contact reservations and we will assist you.
  • Will you answer any more questions or are the FAQs the extent of what you're willing to tell us? +

    Please feel free to email us if you have any more questions and we'll do our best to answer it. If we feel that it is a good question and someone else can benefit from the answer, we'll add it to the FAQs section here.
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