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Since opening, Remember Forever has expanded from a single award winning photographer taking photos and teaching just one workshop to a multitude of photographers around the world teaching fifteen different topics and photographing the most amazing sights on Earth.

Now considered to be the most passionate and dedicated provider of photography courses, workshops and lessons as well as traditional photographic services like family portraits, glamour portraits and weddings - Remember Forever expanded to New York City in 2012.

Since opening in New York, Remember Forever has expanded to Boston, Washington D.C.,Philadelphia and Las Vegas with plans to continue expanding across America in 2015.


The History of Remember Forever

After having identified many issues in the photography industry, including the overcharging of basic photographic services by large companies, the use of unethical advertising and the display of unprofessional behavior by photographers on photo shoots, Remember Forever became a voice for ethics and responsibility in the industry.

In 2009, Remember Forever commenced the operation of Photography Workshops in Brisbane with their first workshop, People, Children and Your Family. The workshop became an instant success! This workshop was soon followed by Places, Landscapes and Your Travels which has since become the most popular workshop offered.

In 2011, Remember Forever started an expansion plan that brought its workshops and photographic services to five cities across Australia. The more cities Remember Forever opened, the greater the demand for workshops and from that one little workshop, there are now 20 workshops offered by the company.

With a large, dedicated and extremely supportive following and fan base throughout Australia, the company opened in New York City in December 2012, offering their first workshops in the Big Apple on January 19, 2013.

Besides offering a multitude of workshops, Remember Forever is also able to assist with family portraits, glamour photography, event and landmark photography and wedding photography in each city they're located in. Remember Forever have now also expanded into the tourism market offering photographic safaris and tours in each city as well.

Remember Forever's Managing Photographer, Luke Ballard has more than 20 years experience behind the camera and has worked for companies including Nickelodeon, FOX Television, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. He has won numerous awards worldwide for his travel photography as well as his fine art and artistic nude photography.


Our Mission

To open the world to our customers through innovative travel and expeditions and to help our customers capture the world through their lens with fun and interactive education.


Our Goals

That every person armed with a camera is empowered to use it and every person whose photograph is taken by our team, cherishes that image forever

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